Architectural Science Program at Ryerson University

Grade 12 average: 90%+

University of Choice: Ryerson University

Most of our students come to Uchenna Academy through word of mouth. Melissa was a student that came to us after her sister took mathematics at our school.

In this video, Melissa explains how taking mathematics at Uchenna Academy helped her raise her grades from low 70s to high 80s over the course of her senior year. Her accomplishment in mathematics helped her get into one of very few Architectural Science programs in Ontario, at Ryerson University.

Melissa posted a wonderful note about us, one year after her high school graduation:

Uchenna Academy provides a welcoming environment with passionate staff that want to help. I personally received help in high school math for 2 years and took their Calculus and Vectors course during the summer. During this time I was able to enjoy learning and found each lesson easy to understand. I cannot recommend them enough!

We love helping our students succeed.