From 41% to 86% and never looked back

Grade 12 average: 80%+

University of Choice: York University

Duane started his high school journey with our partner QSLA in grade eight as a member of the Reach Ahead program through his home school, Oakwood CI. From there, he formally joined the Uchenna Academy Basketball program, became a volunteer with us, racking up around 500 volunteer hours and improving his academic standing in all subjects.

His mom, Jackie has been a vocal supporter of our efforts. Here is what she had to say:

My son’s math teacher graded him at 41% and wanted me to put him in the applied level class. Instead, he started to see a QSLA teacher and on his first test got 86%, second highest in class. My son’s teacher was shocked. QSLA and Uchenna Academy have a great teaching talent and I hope you continue to be around for all the students.

Duane is currently completing a Concurrent Teacher Education Program at York University. We have already collaborated when he decided to use our BallMatics program for his ‘What is Education’ course, and look forward to seeing him grow as a teacher.

We invite you to watch the video below that highlights how Duane has grown alongside our school and our partners, QSLA and BallMatics.