Co-op BBA at Laurier University and HustleHawks

Gerald is our past student, currently completing the Co-op BBA program at Laurier University. He is also busy creating a startup called HustleHawks. It is a mobile app marketplace that provides jobs for college and university students performing tasks for other students, businesses and people in the local community.

The app is currently in its ‘beta’ stage and any of Uchenna Academy current students requiring volunteer hours are invited to work with Gerald and earn their volunteer hours while also helping a successful launch of HustleHawks.

Gerald summarized his review of Uchenna Academy as follows:

I took my drivers ed. and calculus course at Uchenna Academy. I achieved success in both because of the awesome faculty, great learning environment and the creative ways that content is taught. It is the perfect balance between learning all necessary material and achieving academic success without countless hours of homework! They also offer great tutoring services as well.10/10

Gerald’s dad responded to our renovations news by providing direct feedback about his experience with Uchenna Academy:

My son is a graduate of the Uchenna Academy program (2019-2020 school year) and currently a top student in his Laurier co-op BBA program. He greatly benefited from the skills developed at Uchenna. His experience at Uchenna was back in the day when you had only a fraction of the resources that you do today. To prospective students/families: take advantage of this opportunity. It seems like the program is vastly improved… and it was already an amazing program years ago. Your student will definitely develop skills that will benefit them years later… a wise investment in their future.

We wish Gerald all the best in his studies and with HustleHawks. We have no doubt we will be seeing HustleHawks in our app searches soon!