School Year Calendar

2024-2025 School Year

Uchenna Academy education will continue to be characterized by the principles that have come to define it: academic and athletic rigour, intellectual stimulation, community collaboration and discovery.


Our School Calendar contains important information about our school, curriculum, program and policies.

Please review the Student Handbook by clicking HERE (updated Handbook coming soon). 


Uchenna Academy curriculum is deliver over three (3) semesters.

The trimester model is closely aligned with our Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum, which culminates with final examinations during the first 2 weeks of May every school year. The earlier school year start date allows our student-athletes additional training time to prepare for competitions, which start late September every year.

  • Trimester 1 (T1): Mon. Aug. 12, 2024 – Mon. Nov. 11, 2024
  • Trimester 2 (T2): Wed. Nov. 13, 2024 – Mon. Feb. 24, 2025
  • Trimester 3 (T3): Wed. Feb. 26, 2025 – Fri. May 23, 2025

The course delivery in structured using an in-person model, however, we are able to pivot to a blended-learning model as required. This seamlessly integrates our online and in-person delivery teaching models when the student-athletes are competing.


Uchenna Academy school day officially starts at 8am and concludes at 2pm. Students are required to be at school during those hours. Students participating in co-curriculars are expected to stay until  the end of the co-curricular activity. On days we have Study Hall, all students are required to stay at school until the end of study hall.

The structure of a typical day for Uchenna Academy is as follows:

06:00am – 07:45am                        Morning Practice

08:00am – 09:45am                       Period I

09:55am – 11:40am                       Period II

11:40am – 12:10pm                       Lunch

12:10pm –  1:45pm                        Period III

 2:00pm –  4:30pm                         Co-curriculars and basketball practice

Important Dates

Number of school days181
First Day of SchoolMon. Aug. 12, 2024
Labour Weekend BreakFri. Aug. 30 and Mon. Sep. 2, 2024
Thanksgiving DayMon. Oct. 14, 2024
Last Day of T1Mon. Nov. 11, 2024
PA DayTues. Nov. 12, 2024
T2 Start Wed. Nov. 13, 2024
Winter BreakMon. Dec. 23 – Fri. Jan. 3, 2024
Family DayMon. Feb. 17, 2025
Last Day of T2Mon. Feb. 24, 2025
PA DayTues. Feb. 25, 2025
T3 StartWed. Feb. 26, 2025
March BreakMon. March 10 – Fri. March 14, 2025
Good FridayFri. April 18, 2025
Easter MondayMon. April 21, 2025
Victoria DayMon. May 19, 2025
Last Day of SchoolFri. May 23, 2025