Uchenna Academy on NBA TV Canada

Uchenna Academy has achieved a remarkable milestone for the 2023-2024 season by being prominently featured on NBA TV Canada.

Our team is taking center stage as part of a dedicated show, providing viewers with an in-depth look at our students’ journey throughout the entire season. This extraordinary opportunity will allow basketball enthusiasts to follow our school’s unique story and our quest for success in the world of high school basketball.

History of Uchenna Academy (Ep. 1): 

In 2013, Uchenna Academy received its accreditation from Ontario Ministry of Education and began operating as an independent school, with a mission to provide student-athletes a space to master academics and sports. Today, Uchenna Academy is accredited in Ontario and the USA. It challenged the conventional wisdom that excelling in both domains was an anomaly. With the right support and passion, students could conquer the double hurdle. Uchenna Academy’s founders were inspired to create this opportunity after witnessing the unmet needs of athletically gifted students.

Catch us on NBA TV Canada’s NBAXL, Wednesdays at 6:30pm from Nov. 2023 – May 2024 and 24/7 on YouTube:

Ep. 1. Introducing Uchenna

Ep. 2 Uchenna: The Crestwood Game

Ep. 3 Uchenna: Jordan Fisher

Ep. 4 Uchenna, Put in Work 

Ep. 5 Uchenna The game doesn’t stop 

Our school’s mission is to provide a specialization program in basketball while requiring a high level of academic rigour. The realization came to us that providing education and training a mere day or two a week was inadequate. A student-athlete needs more, much more. And it’s not just a game.

Our school is an environment where academic and athletic excellence is non-negotiable. Our school’s support system extends far beyond the basketball court and classroom, providing an integrated, holistic approach to development. Here, the pursuit of success is the name of the game.

But this isn’t just a school; it’s a family. It’s a place where challenges are met head-on, where academics and athletics are fused into an inseparable force. Students find a nurturing environment where they’re pushed to their limits, yet supported on their journey.

It is not an easy task. Each school year starts mid-August and lasts until the end of May. Each school day starts at 8am and finishes at 4:45pm. Some of our students are not able to commit to the program’s requirements for the entirety of a school year, for variety of reasons.

Uchenna Academy is where dreams take flight. The classroom isn’t a roadblock; it’s a runway to greatness. Our school’s educators, coaches, and administrators work in unison to create a culture where nothing is out of reach. They are the architects of success, shaping the destiny of young, aspiring student-athletes.