Uchenna Academy Fees

At Uchenna Academy, we believe a private school experience should be accessible to everyone. Our full-time tuition is mindfully kept below the average private school tuition fee, starting at $11,900 plus a $75 registration fee.

At Uchenna Academy, you can convert Aeroplan Miles, TD Points and CIBC Aventura points to help fund your Uchenna Academy education! This is a premier high-school program that allows you to use your loyalty points to help fund Uchenna Academy tuition costs. Find out more here: Uchenna Points.

Here is our detailed program and fees structure:

  • Full-time Studies, no athletics: $11,900 plus $75 registration fee
  • Full-time Basketball Development program: $15,000 plus $75 registration fee
  • Full-time Basketball Prep program: $17,000 plus $75 registration fee
  • Part-time studies (1 course): $2,300 plus $75 registration fee

International Students

  • International Students, online: $19,500 plus a $595 registration fee
  • International Students, Boarding, 10 months: $42,090 plus a $595 registration fee

To pay a deposit of $4000 upon registration, followed by 7 monthly payments, due at the start of each month.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us at (416) 855-5572 or send us an email at info@uchenna.ca. We’ll be happy to help.


1.What type of bursaries do you offer?

We do offer bursaries to those requiring financial assistance with tuition. Full bursaries are not awarded as there is an expectation that families applying will bear some financial responsibility toward their child’s education.

Assistance is available to eligible families of both new and returning students. Amounts and eligibility are re-assessed yearly, based on family need. The bursary amounts vary between $500-$5,500 (see chart below for tuition fees range based on bursary offering). Since the total amount of assistance available is fixed, it’s essential that we receive applications from all families by the stated deadlines.

Deadline to apply for financial assistance for the 2021-2022 school year is May 31, 2021.

Please note the application for financial assistance is separate from the application for admission. If you are applying as a new student to Uchenna Academy, both application forms must be submitted in order to be considered for financial assistance.

Please contact the Office of Admission if you have any questions.

Program Tuition Fee Tuition Fee with Minimum Bursary Tuition Fee with Maximum Bursary
Full-time Studies, no athletics 11,900 11,400 6,400
Full-time Basketball Development program 15,000 14,500 9,500
Full-time Basketball Prep program 17,000 16,500 11,500
International Students 19,500 19,000 14,000

2.What type of scholarships do you offer? 

Uchenna Academy does offer partial scholarships based on scholastic and athletic merit.

3. How is financial assistance eligibility determined?

Financial assistance is offered on the basis of family need. The Financial Assistance Review Committee (FACS) makes recommendations to Uchenna Academy based on the information provided by you in the Parent Financial Statement. This includes, but is not limited to, the parents/guardians’ gross family income; net income (after taxes and other deductions); assets and liabilities; and information about dependents and other expenditures. The computation is based on a process of analysis developed by a standing committee of financial aid officers. It measures what is possible, though not necessarily comfortable, for a family to contribute toward educational expenses. Schools assume that parents, to the extent that they are able, will bear the primary responsibility for financing their children’s education, sometimes at the expense of other discretionary expenditures.