Student Life


Experiences beyond the Classroom

While our reputation for basketball has been our claim to fame, it’s the expanding horizon of student activities that truly defines the richness of a Uchenna Academy education, complementing our foundation of academic excellence.

At Uchenna Academy, students are mandated to join two clubs each week. Within these clubs, our teachers and coaches take the lead in guiding students to explore their interests and reach their potential to the fullest.


At Uchenna Academy, students have an opportunity to develop their athletic skillset and embrace the values of discipline and dedication

  • Basketball Preparatory Program
  • Volleyball


At Uchenna Academy, our academic clubs are designed to ignite curiosity, foster intellectual growth and provide students with a supportive community of like-minded peers. All clubs are led by experienced staff dedicated to guiding our students to excellence.

  • Debate Club (collaboration with Toastmasters International) – Toastmasters for Youth assists students to express themselves effectively and become proficient and influential communicators.
  • Homework Club – resourceful extension of our educational support system, ensuring that students have the tools and guidance they need to excel academically. The support system allows students to complete their homework with assistance of dedicated staff members and student volunteers.
  • School Newsletter Club – A staff member leads our monthly newsletter in collaboration with student writers and assistance from the photography club. Our school’s spirit and students’ accomplishments are highlighted in each issue.
  • Math Club – Our math club thrives as a gathering of students who share a deep passion for mathematics. Students in grade 9, 10 and 11 are invited to participate in University of Waterloo Pascal, Cayley and Fermat contests.


Throughout the school year, our leadership programs help students become role models for their peers. They are given opportunities to make important decisions, communicate their ideas and establish goals, in and outside of our school community.

  • Student Council – Students are provided opportunities to make a positive impact on our school community. To become president, candidates must share their vision and passion in a persuasive speech, outlining why they are the best choice to represent student body. Once elected, Student Council members work to plan and organize variety of school activities.
  • Yearbook Club – Students collaborate to capture and commemorate memorable moments throughout the school year. They curate photographs, design layouts, and craft narratives to document our school’s journey. Their efforts culminate in the creation of a vibrant and lasting keepsake that reflects the diverse experiences and spirit of our community.
  • Black History Club – Students come together to empower, inspire, and advocate for the Black community within our school and beyond. Through discussions, workshops, and community service projects, they foster awareness, celebrate culture, and address social issues. Their efforts contribute to a more inclusive and equitable environment, promoting unity and understanding among all members of our school community.


Our clubs are a fantastic way for students to get better at managing their time while balancing school work and co-curricular activities. The fun environment helps boost their self-confidence, making them feel more positive and connected.

  • E-gaming Club – Students compete in video game tournaments, sharpening their strategic and teamwork skills. The club fosters a supportive community where students share strategies, collaborate on team-based missions, and celebrate each other’s achievements
  • Master Chef Club – Hands-on culinary club where students learn essential cooking techniques, learn various foods around the world and share their passion for food
  • Photography Club – students have the opportunity to photograph various school activities, events and moments that make our community vibrant and dynamic. Their pictures get published in our monthly newsletter
  • Podcast Club – Students engage in the creation and production of podcasts covering a wide range of topics, from current events to personal narratives. They have the opportunity to develop their storytelling and communication skills while exploring diverse perspectives and ideas. Selected podcasts are featured on our school’s digital platforms, showcasing student voices and contributing to our vibrant and dynamic community
  • Arts and Crafts Club – Students will gain hands-on experience to bring their artistic visions to life using digital designs, our vinyl t-shirt machine and 3D printer as they learn to create everything from custom prototypes to intricate artistic creations and clothing.