Welcome to our community school!

Uchenna Academy was established in 2013. We are a Ministry of Education inspected private school dedicated to enhancing the learning experiences of high school students. We invite you to read about the history of our school name, our core values and the unique features that differentiate our school from the traditional learning environments. At Uchenna Academy, our teachers are co-learning with students to develop best practices in a supportive, inclusive learning space.

Meet the Uchenna Academy leadership team

Principal: Mr. Dave McNee

Mr. McNee, in addition to his role as a principal is also a member of few community boards, one with the Toronto District School Board, BWXT Nuclear Technologies and is a Chair of QSLA Foundation. He attended Ryerson University’s undergraduate Business Management program, as well as Athabasca University’s Political Science program. His expertise and breadth of knowledge in education, sports, marketing and advertising brings an unmatched leadership and guidance to our school. He has facilitated collaborations between Uchenna Academy and University Health Network (UHN), as well as Deloitte Canada, where high school students had an opportunity to learn from the experts in the field, and had a unique opportunity to present their product ideas at UHN’s Annual Research day. He is also spearheading research initiatives that explore effects of combining sporting activities with mathematics pedagogy, a study which seeks to explore novel ways of engaging youth into mathematics.

Contact: Dave.Mcnee@uchenna.ca

Academic Director: Ms. Claudia Mandekic

Claudia has an extensive teaching career in mathematics and sciences. Her passion for mathematics, as well as developing novel pedagogical approaches while teaching math and science are providing our students with new learning platforms. Uchenna Academy’s dedication to small student to teacher ratio (our classes are capped at 10 students) allows her to develop a positive rapport with each student under her care. She sees herself as a co-learner with her students. You can view Claudia’s LinkedIn Profile here.

Contact: Claudia.m@uchenna.ca

From all our staff, welcome to Uchenna Academy!