Vestri Optimus – Be your Best

Mission Statement

To provide student-athletes with a joint academic and athletic program in a diverse community that fosters development of individuals who are accomplished in their academic skills, confident, humble, trustworthy and on their way to a well-chosen higher education.

Uchenna Academy’s Purpose Statement

Transforming students’ learning experience through excellence in education and athletics, individualized care, discovery and learning. We know the road to excellence is not covered by a single plan, but a shared commitment of a team to the betterment of all. Uchenna Academy’s full-time grade 7-12 programs are built on the shared commitment amongst our directors, staff, volunteers and community partners to harness our efforts across education, athletics and personal growth of every student-athlete under our care.

 We are a diverse and accountable private institution dedicated to the public good and investing in ways to become better at what we do and to share our advancements with our colleagues and community partners.

Uchenna Academy Ontario Ministry of Education BSID# is 884350.  This can be viewed at the Ministry website.