Graduation Ceremony 2022-223

June 15, 2023

On June 15, 2023, Uchenna Academy hosted a memorable high school graduation ceremony, marking the end of an incredible journey for 11 graduates.

The event was filled with pride and achievements as nine (9) of our graduates received the esteemed title of Ontario Scholars, attaining a place on the honour roll and one (1) graduate received a French Language Certificate. Uchenna’s father, mother, sister and family friend attended the occasion, with Uchenna’s father delivering a heartfelt speech.

The valedictorian, principal, academic director, teachers, and coaches also delivered inspiring speeches, instilling a sense of accomplishment and ambition in the graduates’ hearts. Additionally, the alumni from the previous year welcomed the graduates to the prestigious Uchenna alumni community.

Recognition and Awards:

  • Academic Excellence award:                            Mr. Demosthene Gloire Koua
  • Student Athlete of the year award:                Mr. Ryan Male and Mr. Fabian Pommells
  • The Ricardo Keane award:                                Mr. Adegboyega George
  • Valedictorian award:                                          Mr. Cameron Ramirez

View the Ceremony Itinerary HERE.