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Let us help you help your students. You know their secondary ambitions and co-curricular interests. We know the skills and credentials to help them achieve both. You can arrange a class visit with us, or we’ll gladly come to you – either way, we’re pleased to introduce you to the Uchenna Academy program, where each classroom has no more than 12 students, teachers work alongside our administrators, coaches and support staff, and students explore various educational opportunities in a supportive and disciplined environment.

Uchenna Academy is a leading comprehensive and learner-centred school. Our students, faculty and staff pursue active inquiry and exercise creativity across a range of disciplines: physical and life sciences, business, arts and humanities, and social sciences. With nearly 50 students, over 60 high school courses and a $200,000 annual scholarship awards, we are a small-by-design school known for excellence in the sciences and for our commitment to developing exceptional student athletes and engaged citizens. Having established itself as Internationally Accredited High School, Uchenna Academy puts knowledge into action and develops the whole student.

High School Diploma (O.S.S.D.) + Advanced Placement (AP) + French Certificate + Prep Programs 

What does it all mean?

High schools typically offer an OSSD upon completion. Understanding what Uchenna Academy offers can help students and their families make the right choice.

At Uchenna Academy, we bring it all to all our learners, in person and online. As a global leader in education and preparatory basketball development, Uchenna Academy provides in-depth theoretical learning, hands-on, work-integrated experiences and applied research opportunities to students at our downtown Toronto location and beyond. Our sports coaches have extensive industry connections that prepare our student-athletes for success in their post-secondary aspirations and professional careers.

High School Diploma (O.S.S.D.)
When our students graduate with a diploma, it means they’ve completed courses and gained academic experience they can apply directly in a specific post-secondary program. Our counsellors ensure all our students have the prerequisites required to gain entry in their post-secondary programs of interest.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses
AP credits reflect the University level education our students receive at Uchenna Academy. Uchenna Academy offers timetabled AP courses in some subjects, depending on sufficient enrolment. These are Grade 11 and 12 University Preparation Courses, which also provide the extra content needed to prepare students to write AP exams. Students in Advanced Placement courses will earn the related Grade 12 University Preparation course credit. Students may also choose to write AP exams in other subjects not offered by Uchenna Academy. All students are invited by the AP Coordinator to register for other AP exams and pay the associated fees.

  • Uchenna Academy is one of a dozen schools in Toronto to offer the AP Capstone program.
  • Uchenna Academy is the first school in Canada to offer the AP African American Studies course.

Core French Certificate

Uchenna Academy offers a certificate to all students who successfully complete the Core French program. Students who complete all 4 credits (Grades 9-12) in Core French qualify for a Certificate of Achievement in French.

Preparatory Basketball Program

Within our growing Co-Curricular program, which is mandatory for all students, Uchenna Academy has become well-known for our one-of-a-kind preparatory basketball program, which was featured in a year long segment on NBA TV Canada during the 2023-2024 school year.

Our basketball preparatory program centers on fundamental training endorsed by Canada Basketball. It offers an enriching setting for high-caliber players seeking college or university scholarships, as well as students passionate about basketball and aiming to achieve their best within a team dynamic. Led by expert, globally recognized coaches and training staff, we ensure our students train safely and effectively.

Some additional opportunities for Uchenna Academy students:

Reach-Ahead Opportunities for Elementary School Students

Under exceptional circumstances, an individual student in Grade 8, with parental consent, may be given permission by the Principal of a secondary school to “reach ahead” to take secondary school courses
during the school year. The Principal of the elementary school and the Principal of the secondary school will decide, on a case-by-case basis, whether “reaching ahead” to take a secondary school course is in the best interest of the student. The Principal of the secondary school will assume responsibility for evaluating the student’s achievement and for granting and recording the credit. This evaluation may include a Uchenna Academy exam and consultation with the appropriate Department Head and the Principal. In addition, a reach-ahead credit form will have to be properly signed by both Principals for the reach-ahead credit to be granted.

Students in Grade 8 may also have the opportunity to start earning community involvement hours in the summer prior to entering Grade 9.

The Ontario Scholar Program

The Ontario Scholar Program recognizes students who have earned an Ontario Secondary School Diploma in the current or previous school year and who have attained an aggregate of at least 80% average grade in any combination of ministry approved courses that provide a total of 6 credits. Upon the recommendation of their Principal, these graduating students receive a certificate from the Ministry of Education.

What do our students learn?

Grade 9 Course Program at Uchenna

Students in Grade 9 at Uchenna will take the following program. Note that there are two areas for choice:

  • Canadian geography (CGC1D)
  • English (ENL1W)
  • French (FSF1D or FSF2D)
  • Mathematics (MTH1W or MPM2D)
  • Physical education (PPL10)
  • Science (SNC1D)
  • 2 credits in art, drama, business and technology.

Grade 10 Course Program at Uchenna

Students in Grade 10 at Uchenna will take the following program:

  • Career studies (GLC2O) (0.5 credit)
  • Civics and Citizenship (0.5 credit) (CHV2O)
  • English (ENG2D)
  • History (CHC2D)
  • Mathematics (MPM2D or MCR3U)
  • Science (SNC2D)
  • 3 additional courses

Grade 11 Course Program at Uchenna

Students in Grade 11 at Uchenna will take the following program:

  • English (ENG3U)
  • Mathematics (MCR3U or MHF4U)
  • Science: Chemistry (SCH3U), Biology (SBI3U) and/or Physics (SPH3U)
  • 5 additional courses (Languages, Physical Education (includes Leadership), Business, Economics, Psychology, History, Politics, AP Seminar, Design Your Future in Basketball)

Grade 12 Course Program at Uchenna

Students in Grade 12 at Uchenna will take the following program:

  • English (ENG4U)
  • Mathematics (MHF4U, MCV4U (can be AP), MDM4U)
  • Science: Chemistry (SCH4U), Biology (SBI4U) and/or Physics (SPH4U)
  • 3-5 additional courses (Languages, Physical Education (includes Kinesiology), Business, Economics, History, Politics, AP Research, SAT Prep)

We are pleased to be partnered with organizations that support student education and development.