Uchenna Academy Receives Full Accreditation in USA

Dear Uchenna Academy parents, guardians, friends and our community; Middle States Logo

The educational program at Uchenna Academy has completed the inspection visit towards full accreditation through the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. This designation is now included on the Uchenna Academy graduate profile that accompanies USA University applications and provides an overview of the school programs and performance. Accreditation is earned through a validation process aligned with 12 standards of organizational performance published by the Middle States Association.

We received full accreditation status in March 2024. The MSA is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and is known for its comprehensive accreditation process that evaluates schools based on rigorous standards of educational quality.

By holding accreditation from the MSA-CESS, Uchenna Academy demonstrates its commitment to providing an education that meets rigorous international standards. It is worth noting that accreditation by any U.S. regional accrediting agency, including the Middle States Association, is widely recognized and accepted throughout the United States. This recognition ensures that students graduating from Uchenna Academy receive an education that is recognized and valued by educational institutions and employers across different regions in the United States.