Advanced Placement (AP®)

At Uchenna Academy

Uchenna Academy students may gain credit for their High School Diploma by taking AP courses. Uchenna Academy offers 13 AP courses, all are at least one trimester in length. Most AP courses culminate in an exam administered during the 2 week AP testing period in May. The exams are set by the College Board.

Taking Advanced Placement (AP® ) courses and exams shows you can succeed with college-level work. And that’s just the start.

AP courses are fast paced, University level courses requiring strong reading skills and a commitment to independent learning. A high level of self direction is required. Students and parents will be asked to sign a contract confirming that they understand the level of study and commitment required.

Please note that the AP exam fee is responsibility of parents/guardians. The test fee is approximately USD $100-$190 per exam. Uchenna Academy does not have additional administration fees for the exam.

AP courses are designed to be the equivalent of entry-level university courses. The College Board’s AP Program enables willing and academically prepared students to pursue university-level studies — with the opportunity to earn college credit, advanced placement or both — while still in high school. AP Exams are given each year in May. A score of 3 or higher on an AP Exam can typically earn students university credit and/or placement into advanced courses in university.

  • Why Uchenna Academy students take AP courses:

    • Improve your University application. Once a student demonstrates they can do well on a few AP courses, university admission teams will look more closely at other aspects of their application. It is important for students to share other achievements, beyond AP courses, on their university application
    • Prepare for the rigors of college academics. AP courses cover topics found in first year University courses.
    • Students may want to explore a subject more in depth, because they are passionate about a subject and want to learn as much as possible
    • Students seek to get ahead on university credits as most universities have an AP credit policy, giving some credits for successful test scores
    • Some U.S. and International Universities require AP test scores.
    • Save on tuition. If you are granted University credits, your tuition fees will decrease.
  • AP Courses offered at Uchenna Academy

    • English: Language and Composition
    • English: Literature and Composition
    • French: Language and Culture
    • Calculus AB/BC
    • Human Geography
    • Biology
    • Physics I
    • Environmental Science
    • Psychology
    • World History
    • African American Studies (available in 2024-2025 school year)
    • AP Capstone: AP Seminar and AP Research
  • Advanced Placement International Diploma (APID)

    The AP International Diploma (APID) is a globally recognized certificate awarded to students who display exceptional achievement across a variety of disciplines. APID is automatically awarded by the College Board in the year all eligibility requirements are met.

    APID Eligibility Requirements

    To qualify for the APID, Uchenna Academy students must earn grades of 3 or higher on 5 or more AP exams. Students must take a total of 2 exams in 2 different languages (Content Area 1),

    • Content Area 1: Languages – Any two (2) eligible AP World Language or English exams – exams are across two different languages
    • Content Area 2: History and Social Science – One AP exam offering a global perspective (World History, Environmental Science, Human Geography)
    • Content Area 3: Mathematics – One AP exam from either a math or a science
    • Content Area 4: Elective – One additional AP exam (can’t be English or a World Language)

    For more information about the APID program, please visit AP International Diploma – AP Central | College Board

  • AP Capstone Diploma

    AP Capstone is an innovative diploma program that gives Uchenna Academy students an opportunity to apply critical thinking, collaborative problem-solving and research skills in a cross-curricular context. AP Capstone is built on the foundation of two-year high-school course sequence – AP Seminar and AP Research – and is designed to complement and enhance the in-depth, discipline specific study provided through AP courses. It cultivates curious, independent and collaborative students and prepares them to make evidence-based decisions.

    For more information about AP Capstone diploma, please visit AP Seminar Course – AP Central | College Board

    LIst of colleges that accept AP Seminar: AP Seminar College Credit Policies – AP Students – College Board

    Advanced Placement® and AP® are registered trademarks of The College Board.

  • How to make the most of the AP courses

    Uchenna Academy students who take two to three AP courses in each of their Grade 11 and 12 years tend to gain the most from the AP Program.

    • This gives them the time to seek support if they need it and to focus on the independent study needed to achieve scores of four and five on AP Exams and Seminar and Research submissions.
    • Scoring the maximum score of five on a few AP courses provides a better foundation for post-secondary learning and improves a student’s U.S. or international university application much more than a large number of AP courses with lower scores.

    It’s quality, not quantity, that counts. The College Board does not recommend students take AP Exams or courses before Grade 11 or 12.

    • Once a student demonstrates they can do well on a few AP courses, university admission teams will look more closely at other aspects of their application, so it is important for students to share other achievements, beyond AP courses, on their university application.