VALEDICTORIAN Nomination Speeches

As a basketball preparatory school, Uchenna Academy believes that true excellence extends beyond the classroom, and our Valedictorian is a shining example of this belief. While academic prowess serves as a vital criterion, it is complemented by a holistic evaluation that takes into account a student’s character, their ability to inspire and lead, on and off the court, and their unwavering commitment to the values we hold dear.

Our valedictorian is someone who demonstrates academic excellence by consistently achieving remarkable grades, displaying intellectual curiosity, and going above and beyond in their pursuit of knowledge. They have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, not only on the basketball court but also in various school activities and initiatives, inspiring others to reach their full potential. Furthermore, they exemplify our core values, upholding principles such as honesty, perseverance, teamwork, and inclusivity.

By incorporating these comprehensive criteria into our valedictorian selection process, we aim to celebrate and honor a student who serves as an inspiring role model for their peers, both academically and in the realm of our chosen sport, basketball.

During the 2022-2023 school year, the three students selected as Valedictorian nominees prepared a pre-recorded speech that was shared with the student body, who then selected their valedictorian through a voting process.


Video 1: Mr. Cameron Ramirez

Grade 12 average: 94%

Click on the picture below to view Cameron’s Valedictorian nomination speech!

Video 2: Mr. Demosthene Gloire Koua

Grade 12 average: 97%

Click on the picture below to view Gloire’s Valedictorian nomination speech!

Video 3: Mr. Landry Ishimwe Higiro

Grade 12 average: 89%

Click on the picture below to view Landry’s Valedictorian nomination speech!