Securing a Post-Secondary Athletic Scholarship

Grade 12 average: 87%

University of Choice: University of Guelph

Gabi is a former Uchenna Academy student athlete. She attended Uchenna Academy in grades 11 and 12 to ensure her academic standing was strong enough so she can receive a hockey scholarship to University of Guelph.

As an entering student-athlete, Gabi demonstrated her athletic and leadership qualities and was nominated for a University of Guelph scholarship, however, she also had to ensure she had a high academic standing in her grade 12 courses. Uchenna Academy helped her get there with our small class sizes that facilitated individualized academic assistance, periodic check-ins and continual opportunities to improve her grades.

She is currently completing a Bachelor degree in Marketing and Sports Management, and playing on the University of Guelph hockey team.

Most recently, Gabi updated us and told us she is doing well in all her classes, including statistics, and has a kitten Kobe that helps her manage her schoolwork. We wish Gabi all the best in her studies!