Student-Athlete Testimonial

Brannon joined Uchenna Academy while he played with the OJHL and then the AJHL in 2020-2021 school year.

We are confident he will have a plethora of university choices for the Sep. 2021 start date!

Uchenna Academy is ideal for any athlete with a busy schedule. The pace and flexibility of my teacher was perfect. The commitment and passion from my teacher really inspired me to try harder and made math fun. I went from a high 60% in grade 11 math to 87% in grade 12. The one-on-one teaching really helped me to understand and grasp the topics at hand. The format of the class was also very engaging. With an easy to maneuver interface and textbook component it made learning easy and manageable with a busy schedule. I cannot emphasize enough how good Uchenna was for me as an athlete!