IDC3O & IDC4U Courses | Collaboration with UHN and Deloitte Canada | Focus on STEM


In collaboration with the University Health Network (UHN), Uchenna Academy has designed research-based interdisciplinary studies courses (course codes: IDC3O & IDC4U).  The courses are semestered, offered September-January and require students to read & write scientific literature, conduct mobility research studies, design an assistive device & prepare a ‘Dragon’s Den’ inspired idea pitch to the research team at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (TRI).

 “A great discovery solves a great problem but there is a grain of discovery in any problem.”          

Interdisciplinary courses utilize an approach to learning that integrates different subjects & disciplines. This is an integral part of high school education, as it will help students navigate today’s increasingly interconnected world, which necessitates information literacy.  Through IDCs, our students gain insight about the research process, information management, collaboration, critical & creative thinking & technological applications.

In 2018, Uchenna Academy students worked on the following projects:

  • Development of a screening protocol for student athletes
  • Assistive device development for fall prevention

Each project was showcased at the end of the term during the Annual Research Day at UHN on January 23, 2018.

VIEW THE COURSE OUTLINE HERE.                                                 


At Uchenna Academy, we believe that ‘Math is not a spectator sport’.  Each math class has sporting activities embedded throughout lesson delivery in order to ensure maximum student engagement.  Starting with MDM1D & all the way up to MCV4U, each math class has sports sprinkled into the lesson planning.

Uchenna Academy students presenting at TRI Research Day Jan 2018