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I have a mid-term grade of 82% in my first year Calculus course. Calculus here is actually much easier, I feel, compared to what we did in AP Calculus (at Uchenna Academy).

GloireStudent-Athlete at St. Francis Xavier University

I had low 70’s (in math), and ended up with high 80’s…with the help, I noticed I am not bad at math, I just needed different ways to look at it. At my homeschool, I couldn’t ask certain questions, but people here always explain it until you fully get it. That helped me grow as a person.

MelissaStudent (currently completing Architectural Science degree at Ryerson University)

My son is a graduate of your program (2019-2020) and currently a top student in his Laurier co-op BBA program. He greatly benefited from the skills developed at Uchenna. His experience at Uchenna was back in the day when you had only a fraction of the resources that you do today. To prospective students/families: take advantage of this opportunity. It seems like the program is vastly improved… and it was already an amazing program years ago. Your student will definitely develop skills that will benefit them years later… a wise investment in their future.


Thanks so much Uchenna Academy.  My son really enjoyed you as teachers. Will keep in touch – he may still need to catch up on a couple of courses & the flexibility you offer works well for him.


I strongly recommend Uchenna Academy.  My teacher was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic & dedicated to her profession as well as the students she taught.  She provided a welcoming & inclusive environment.  In addition, she was very flexible & adapted her teaching methods and made accommodations with the students in mind.


AnnieStudent (currently completing a Nursing degree)

My (university) math course is super easy, essentially review of functions and calculus, you prepared me well! I received 89% in my first year calculus course, I am happy with it!

GeraldUniversity Student (currently completing Business Administration at Laurier)

I began my teaching career at Uchenna Academy after graduating from teacher’s college.  It was at Uchenna that I was able to gain valuable experience in course development and small-group teaching, in a supportive and encouraging professional environment.

Judy OCT teacher

My son was quite unimpressed about the tutoring piece when we first signed up, but he has come to look forward to those sessions. They make him feel like he can be successful. Incredibly unlike him to ask for or accept help but you have been so supportive that he feels you both are people he can go to. I cannot thank you enough. Much of his difficulty with schoolwork relates to his relationship (or lack thereof) with his teachers. You have been encouraging, fair, clear in your expectations, positive and sensitive in your approach and he has benefited greatly. Thank you.


Thank you so much for everything. I really can’t begin to explain how much you have changed me and helped my academic career

Dean Student (currenty completing Kinesiology degree at Western)

You guys helped a lot, I definitely couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Duanestudent (currently completing a teaching degree at York U.)

I must say, I’m impressed. You are absolutely correct. I enjoyed reading this (short story my son wrote) very much. Hats of to you guys. Doing such a wonderful job teaching the kids. I’m very happy with his progress academically. Thank you so much.


Thank you so much for sharing this (short story my son wrote).  It made me laugh.  Surprised me actually – I didn’t know he could write so well.


What an absolutely wonderful graduation ceremony (June 15, 2023). We were thrilled to be able to watch it on YouTube. Congratulations on such a successful evening. I am so happy for all of the graduates  and the next adventure and chapter of their lives. It was a wonderful evening with remarkable speeches,  full of positive and  motivational encouragement. Each and everyone of you did a fantastic job (I may have even been teary-eyed at some points). We are so thrilled to be a part of Uchenna Academy. We look forward to next year and all of the great things the upcoming graduates  will  achieve athletically and academically.


I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to you and your staff for his academic achievements, as the year comes to an end and graduation approaches. When I contacted you a year ago, to discuss my interest in him joining Uchenna, I had many concerns about his future, as he struggled in the public school system; but with your overview of the program at Uchenna, I felt very encouraged. Today, I look back and know it may have been a great adjustment for him, but I do feel with his parents’ support, we made the right decision sending him to Uchenna. Please continue to provide the great work you are doing with the students at Uchenna.

PamelaParent, 2023-2024 school year

Thank you so very much to each every one of you  in helping my son be the successful student athlete he has become by  graduating from Uchenna Academy.

It was very very big decision for us to  commit to his private education.
It has been worth every penny and we are absolutely thrilled at the outcome.

When we embarked upon this new path, we took what my son loves, which is basketball to motivate him to do better academically.
And with the assistance, guidance  and support from all of you,  he was able to obtain what we thought was a long shot. That,  was getting into all of his universities of choices!  And lo and behold, he did it. Every single one.
And on top of that, he graduated as an Ontario scholar with a French diploma, that,  he by the way is absolutely thrilled about.

On top of his academic achievements. His basketball love, interest and skills have also grown exponentially. And that is attributed to the fantastic coaches that he has had the pleasure of working with at Uchenna over the past two years.
Thank you for believing in him. Our whole family is grinning from ear to ear, and so proud of the successful young man he has become.

JennParent, 2023-2024 school year

Thanks again for all of your help and guidance with my son this school year. It was really instrumental, along with his teachers to his drive and focus heading into further education. I’m also happy to see the friendships he formed with his classmates. We visited Carleton University over the weekend and did a tour of the campus. My son liked the campus a lot and he’s excited to start in September. He was also offered 2 academic scholarships for $1000.00 each from Carleton for his marks. We may need to reach out for your help in ensuring we selected all of his courses correctly for University if that is still okay but I will keep you posted.

NicoleParent, 2023-2024 school year


Testimonial: Why do summer school?

Uchenna Academy stands out as one of only two accredited schools in Ontario with a basketball preparatory program, providing opportunities for students and student-athletes. In addition to our Ontario Ministry of Education fully inspected status, our school is the first school in Ontario to receive full accreditation status with the Middle States Association, a US. Department of Education recognized organization.

Our accredited status, in Ontario, Canada and USA, ensures a high standard of education and athletic development, setting us apart in offering a specialized pathway for aspiring basketball players.

Uchenna Academy students are afforded the opportunity to become the best version of themselves, both academically and athletically. Our courts are used exclusively for daily basketball training (unless we are in gym class where we play volleyball, dodgeball, soccer, baseball, track, etc.) and our students have weekly access to an Athletic Therapist that works at our school.

Join us in this exclusive opportunity to excel academically and athletically on the journey to success.