Uchenna Academy offers several programs to fit the academic needs of every student.

The Uchenna Academy Course Calendar provides information about our academic programs.

We invite you to research your academic options from the choices below.

  • Full time studies (starting at $9,700 per year for Canadian students)
  • Basketball Development and Basketball Prep Programs (up to $17,000 per year)
  • Part-time studies ($2300 per course)
  • Uchenna Academy Online ($479 – $579 per course)
  • Homeschooled students
  • Summer School ($2300 per course)

Uchenna Courses | Discover University Education & Careers 

Our comprehensive course catalogue includes all math, science & social science courses.  In addition, we offer specialized courses that focus on discovering university education & careers. These courses include:

  • IDC3O & IDC4U | Research Based High School Course in partnership with Toronto Hospital
  • ICS3U & ICS4U | Computer Programming Courses delivered in partnership with Braincubator
  • CIA3M & CIA4U | Economics Courses delivered in partnership with Investor’s Group
  • Mathematics courses (MPM1D-MHF4U) delivered in partnership with QSLA Sports | completing math activities with sports!
  • Science courses | delivered in partnership with Ryerson University for lab work


Assistance with your plans may be available to you with UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES.  

Uchenna Academy staff will be with you every step of the way!

Happy studying!


Uchenna Academy is pleased to offer full-time studies.  The full-time curriculum is designed to prepare our students for university studies.  We are now accepting registrations for January 2020 enrolment.

Full-time Academic Studies at Uchenna Academy

A student’s academic life at Uchenna Academy is comprised of daily lecture delivery in a small classroom environment.  Each classroom is capped at 8 students, ensuring ample time for individualized teacher support.

Uchenna Academy’s unique project-based learning platform allows students to gain experience and learn real-life applications of math & science content through STEM based courses, including our exclusive Innovation & Research Course developed in partnership with University Health Network (UHN).

At Uchenna Academy, science laboratories are delivered at Ryerson University.  Students will develop senior level laboratory skills in a university setting, providing them with a university level academic experience.

In addition, all full-time students have continual access to digital technology and resources available at our school.

Uchenna Academy & University Applications:  Our guidance department is a perfect bridge between our students and university admissions offices (OUAC).  We will individually provide support with the OUAC applications to ensure all students meet the criteria and deadlines during their university application process. In addition, Uchenna Academy will host several university representatives at our school, providing students with comprehensive information about post-graduate programs, courses of study and future career paths.


The flexibility offered by Uchenna Academy part-time course curriculum serves students with various academic needs.

Students seeking enhanced academic rigor, elite athletes unable to commit to a regimented classroom schedule, students wishing to fast track their academic career, students with learning impairments, unable to succeed in a traditional classroom environment, or students simply looking to study a course not offered at their home school will all benefit from the courses offered at Uchenna Academy.


When you take a course at Uchenna Academy, an Ontario approved private school, please note the following:

  • Private school courses are considered the same as day school credits by all post-secondary institutions in Ontario.
  • All courses taken at Uchenna Academy will be coded with a “P” on the student transcript at their home school.
  • Students may be able to reduce their course load to part-time status at their home school when taking a course at Uchenna Academy.  Home school administration approval will be required to go part-time.
  • Uchenna Academy Guidance Department will also send the grade report to OUAC for real-time, immediate university application updates, if requested.

All class sizes are capped at 8 students, so seats are limited. Financing options are available to those that qualify. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.  To register please click HERE.


Uchenna Academy is pleased to offer online high-school curriculum, which includes several added benefits at no additional charge.  For example, parents are granted access to a course taken by a student & can view the student’s progress in the course.


GRADE 9 | Course Fee: CAD $429.00

  • English           | Course Code ENG1D
  • Mathematics | Course Code MPM1D
  • Science           | Course Code SNC1D
  • French            | Course Code FSF1D

GRADE 10 | Course Fee: CAD $479.00

  • English           | Course Code ENG2D
  • Mathematics | Course Code MPM2D
  • Science           | Course Code SNC2D

GRADE 11 | Course Fee: CAD $529.00

  • Biology (University prep)      | Course Code SBI3U
  • Chemistry (University prep) | Course Code SCH3U
  • English (University prep)      | Course Code ENG3U
  • Math, Functions & Applications | Course Code MCF3M
  • Physics (University prep)      | Course Code SPH3U

GRADE 12 | Course Fee: CAD $579.00

  • Biology (University prep)      | Course Code SBI4U
  • Chemistry (University prep) | Course Code SCH4U
  • English (University prep)      | Course Code ENG4U
  • English, Writer’s Craft            | Course Code EWC4U
  • Math, Advanced Functions    | Course Code MHF4U
  • Physics (University prep)       | Course Code SPH4U


STEP 1. Complete & submit the registration form.

STEP 2. If the course has a prerequisite, email info@uchenna.ca the report card confirming you have completed the prerequisite course.

STEP 3. Pay for the course.


  • ‘Tutor Buddy’ – each student has his/her own tutor for the course who will help set up a study schedule & complete course work
  • Teacher Support – Uchenna Academy teachers will respond to an email inquiry within 24 hours

The flexibility offered by Uchenna Academy online courses serves students with various academic needs. Students seeking enhanced academic rigor, elite athletes unable to commit to a regimented classroom schedule, students wishing to fast track their academic career, or students simply looking to study a course not offered at their home school will all benefit from the online courses offered at Uchenna Academy.

Our online courses have continuous intake, so you can start learning anytime!  As soon as we receive your registration form along with proper documentation, you will be granted access to the online course materials.  A full credit course must be completed within 8 months.

Each online course is comprised of lecture notes, videos, examples and review questions, followed by an end of unit test & assignment.  In addition, students must participate in discussions groups.  A teacher assigned to the course is available for individual, email-based support.

Students must pass the final exam  in order to receive a credit for the course.

All tests and exams are delivered online and are multiple choice and short answer format.

NOTE:  The final exam must be written with an approved proctor present. For students residing in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the final exam will be written in our school.

Happy studying!


Every summer Uchenna Academy offers math, science, English, media & economics high school courses. We know some of our students want to stay active during the summer so we’ve designed each course with a special project that takes place outside our classroom walls.

Math courses have 4 hours of ‘gym time‘.  While inside a gymnasium, we complete experiments and collect data for a project while playing sports.  Yes, there is lots of math involved!

Economics & science courses have visits to a research hospital and/or a cancer centre embedded in their curriculum, while media & English courses have field trips to the AGO & other art centres in the city.

At Uchenna Academy summer school, students can expect challenging curriculum, project-based learning and a low student to teacher ratio.

Payment plans are available.  Academic assistance (in any course) is FREE to all Uchenna Academy summer school students.

Happy studying!


Uchenna Academy online courses are a great complement for homeschooled students.  We offer ongoing online enrollment, additional academic support and flexible schedule with all our courses to ensure academic success of all our students.

All homeschooled students will be required to demonstrate their readiness for the course through valid documentation.  If no prerequisite course was taken, an equivalency test must be completed.  Uchenna Academy staff offer academic assistance and resource sharing to prepare the students for the test.

If you are interested in taking a course at Uchenna Academy, complete the course registration form.  A member of our administrative team will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your email.

We look forward to studying with you!