Donate to Uchenna Academy & Support a Modern Approach to Learning

A donation to Uchenna Academy will allow us to provide scholarships to those students that qualify.  Students are selected based on their demonstrated financial need.

Please contact us to make a secure donation.

Your donation will allow students to start learning in a novel educational environment, where differentiated instruction, small class size and project-based learning is the foundation of every course we offer, with a continual goal of ensuring each student moves UPWARDS in their academic achievements. Whatever the student’s initial academic standing is, we work to improve it.

In addition, we are continually working to push the envelope of course design. We have been in operation since 2013 and in that time have started working with respectable Toronto organizations, including Ryerson University and Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (TRI). The collaborations have allowed us to inject a modern approach to learning with research, innovation and career exploration at its core. We also strive to challenge the existing knowledge lens with a more inclusive world-view that focuses on achievements of people beyond the Euro-centric model.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION. A tax receipt will be issues to all donations over $25.

Long live learning!