Summer Academy | July 4, 2018 – Aug 10, 2018

Can playing sports improve your grades?

Uchenna Academy staff will be conducting an evidence-based research study this summer to determine if our Ballmatics (math & basketball) program offers quantifiable academic benefits for students.

How is a Ballmatics program different? Math is added to every basketball practice!

Here is what each practice looks like:

  • 10 min. dynamic warmup
  • 5 min. math huddle
  • 30 min. skill building session – round robin style & small groups
  • 30 min. basketball & math activity with individual worksheets (small groups of 2-4 students)
  • 30 min. basketball game with stats, player & team rankings, highlight videos, trophy & prizes for the winning team

Each student builds his/hers math booklet during the season which must be completed. The booklet reinforces math topics we complete during each practice.

Who can join?

Students in grades 6 to 9 are invited to join our Ballmatics program.