Health and Nutrition | Grade 12 University Prep

Prerequisite: Any university or university/college preparation course in social sciences and humanities, English, or Canadian and world studies

Textbooks: None.

Additional Resources: peer reviewed journal articles; online course presentations and handouts

Teacher/Course Developer: Claudia Mandekic

Course Description: from

This course examines the relationships between food, energy balance, and nutritional status; the nutritional needs of individuals at different stages of life; and the role of nutrition in health and disease. Students will evaluate nutrition-related trends and will determine how food choices can promote food security and environmental responsibility. Students will learn about healthy eating, expand their repertoire of food-preparation techniques, and develop their social science research skills by investigating issues related to nutrition and health.

UNIT 1 – Nutrition and Health

Overall Expectations

  • Nutrients: demonstrate an understanding of nutrients and their connection to physical health;
  • Food Guides: demonstrate an understanding of Canada’s Food Guide and its role in promoting physical health;
  • Energy Balance: demonstrate an understanding of the physical processes involved in maintaining energy balance;
  • Nutritional Status: demonstrate an understanding of their nutrient intake and of factors that affect the nutritional status of individuals and groups.

UNIT 2 – Eating Patterns and Trends

Overall Expectations

  • Nutrition throughout the Lifespan: demonstrate an understanding of food- and nutrition-related issues at different stages in the lifespan;
  • Nutrition and Disease: demonstrate an understanding of the relationships between nutrition, health, and disease;
  • Trends and Patterns in Food and Nutrition: demonstrate an understanding of current Canadian trends and patterns in nutritional guidelines and in food production and consumption.

UNIT 3 – Local and Global Issues

Overall Expectations

  • Food Security: demonstrate an understanding of various factors involved in achieving and maintaining food security;
  • Food Production and Supply: demonstrate an understanding of various factors that affect food production and supply;
  • Food Production and the Environment: demonstrate an understanding of the impact of food production on the environment.

UNIT 4 – Food-Preparation Skills

  • Kitchen Safety: demonstrate an understanding of practices that ensure or enhance kitchen safety;
  • Food Safety: demonstrate an understanding of practices that ensure or enhance food safety;
  • Food Preparation: demonstrate skills needed in food preparation.

UNIT 5 – ISU – Research and Inquiry Skills

Overall Expectations:

  • Exploring: explore topics related to nutrition and health, and formulate questions to guide their research;
  • Investigating: create research plans, and locate and select information relevant to their chosen topics, using appropriate social science research and inquiry methods;
  • Processing Information: assess, record, analyse, and synthesize information gathered through research and inquiry;
  • Communicating and Reflecting: communicate the results of their research and inquiry clearly and effectively, and reflect on and evaluate their research, inquiry, and communication skills