Basketball Development Program – Register for 2022-2023

Uchenna Academy Basketball Development Program Court

Uchenna Academy Basketball Development Program Court

Full-Time Basketball Development Program starts August 22, 2022!

Program Summary

Uchenna Academy’s Basketball Development program is the foundation for our Prep Basketball program. Identified student-athletes begin their journey to high-performance Prep Basketball here. Our program uses an age and stage appropriate approach. We aid student-athletes in the initiation, acquisition, consolidation, and refinement of sport specific fundamental skills. The program is also designed to increase fundamental movement skills (FMS) which are necessary to become an elite athlete.

Based on Canada Basketball’s Long term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, we couple our commitment to academic excellence through sport with professional athletic instruction that is a fun, engaging and beneficial to student-athletes who yearn for advanced skill development and highly competitive competition. We work within the framework of Canada Basketball’s Gold Medal Model to guide our principles for student-athlete development. Our basketball development program is open to student-athletes in grade 6 to 8 and grade 9 to 10.

Our program is comprised of the following components:

  • Athletic Performance and Health
  • Social Emotional Development
  • Mental Development
  • Basketball Specific Skill Development

Through these four pillars, our mission is to provide an environment that offers professional instruction to athletes who love basketball and are aiming to take their passion for the sport beyond the playground. This year we are offering fifteen (15) students per age grouping the opportunity to train and learn with us at this level.

Benefits of attending Uchenna Academy:

  • NCCP and NCAA certified basketball coaching
  • Beautiful indoor facilities
  • Small class size (up to 10 student-athletes per class)
  • Advanced Placement (AP®) courses
  • French certificate program
  • NCAA certified courses
  • SAT Prep included in the tuition fees.
  • We are an official SAT Test Centre
  • Local competitive game schedule

Our learning pods allow small-group, individualized instruction which ensures students spend their learning hours focused, attentive and engaged in their learning. Our environment inhibits social conflict, energy dips and wait times between class transitions. The program enhances engagement in learning activities tailored to our student’s learning styles and allows them to exert positive physical energy on our brand-new basketball court with like-minded peers who share common interests and a love of the game!

Uchenna Academy’s quadmester model allows members of our basketball development program to focus their study on two courses for 11 weeks, enhancing their in-depth learning and discovery of the subject matter.

Daily Program Schedule

The structure of the typical weekday in Uchenna Academy’s JR PREP Basketball Development program is as follows:

8:00am-10:00am – Performance/Basketball Training

10:05am-10:25am – Snack Break

10:30am-12:30pm – Period I

12:35pm-1:05pm – Lunch Break

1:05pm-3:05pm – Period II

3:10pm- 3:30pm – Study Period/Dismissal

What makes Uchenna Academy’s Basketball Development program unique?

  • ACADEMICS FIRST. Our courses are NCAA certified and each Student-Athlete must maintain an optimal GPA to meet the academic performance requirements of our program to compete. We provide academic support for all our student-athletes to ensure their academic success. The academic curriculum is tailored to adjust to the Junior Varsity Team’s competition schedule so students will never miss a class of instruction. We are also an official SAT Test Centre, and we offer AP® curriculum in select subjects. Students are also able to receive a French language certificate upon graduating from Uchenna Academy.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE TRAINING. Our JR PREP Basketball Development Program includes 2 hours of daily training comprised of on-court fundamentals and individual/team skill development with basketball IQ training.
  • INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE PLANS. Every student-athlete undergoes periodic athletic testing throughout the year, starting with a baseline assessment, we track improvement in agility, speed, body measurements, strength, endurance, etc.
  • INTER-SCHOLASTIC COMPETITION. Uchenna Academy’s Junior Varsity teams are registered to compete in several local and regional basketball circuits, tournaments and/or leagues during the school year. We also record all games and select practices. Film is used as an additional teaching tool.
  • ACADEMIC CAREER PLANNING. Even at this early stage, we spend time exploring options with our students about University and College programs (in Canada and USA). Education is centred around academic and athletic scholarships. Realistic goals are set for each student and benchmarks are put in place to ensure they are on the right track to reach their academic goals.

Fees (for Canadian students only):

  • JR PREP Basketball Program (grades 6-10): CDN$17,000
  • Please note: Scholarships are available based on scholastic and athletic merit. Limited Bursaries are available to those student-athletes that qualify.
  • *Travel fees are not included in tuition fees.


To register your student-athlete to be consider for the Uchenna Academy JR PREP Basketball program, please filling in and submit the form below.

Upon receipt of your application form, we will contact you to arrange your student-athletes in person evaluation date. Evaluations for our JR PREP Basketball program began in January 2022 and consist of 1 in person high-performance basketball specific training session giving our coaches and teachers an opportunity to ensure your child will thrive at Uchenna Academy.



Head Coach & Athletic Director Keir Bryan

Coach Keir is a passionate basketball coach driven to foster winning teams through elite skill and performance training.  As a former student-athlete, Coach Keir has been able to use his knowledge of playing basketball at the collegiate level to lead teams under his guidance to the medal round of the Ontario Cup each year he has attended. His teams have earned a Gold or Silver Medal the last three years in a row. As a former scholarship athlete, Keir understands the level of commitment, sacrifice and determination required for today’s aspiring student-athlete to be successful in attaining their goals. Keir’s number one focus is to help the student-athletes in his care achieve their goals by ensuring they understand the right attitude, focus, effort and execution will lead them to success on and off the court.