The online educational model at Uchenna Academy is easy to understand and assimilate. Our interactive textbook featuring pre-recorded videos, quizzes and projects is backed by access to teachers through regular video conferencing lessons. This unique feature helps our students master even the toughest concepts. Our online platform is visualized and designed to provide an excellent learning experience, which translates into personal and academic growth opportunities for our learners. Each online course is manually developed by our teachers with expertise in their respective fields. Flexible in operation, focused in approach and structured to deliver various needs of our learners, the online courses offered at our school will leave our learners inspired and ready for future academic careers.


Uchenna Academy main focus is on enhancing academic success of our students.  Mathematics is emphasized, as good analytic thinkers have a growing competitive advantage in our technological society.  Uchenna Academy Full-time students receive FREE SAT prep. Over 90% of our students get accepted into post-secondary programs of study, which serves as a testament of our dedication to academic excellence.


Our maximum class size of ten (10) students ensures our students receive personalized academic instruction. Our students often echo this belief by noting they are not afraid to ask questions in class, they are able to converse easily with our teachers and they truly enjoy their classroom experience….. especially in our math classes!


Our campus does not feature large luxurious facilities, so we rely on community partnerships to deliver high quality instruction. The community relationships also allow our students to become integrated with their community, and build meaningful relationships and career-related insights through the use of local recreational centres, corporate boardrooms and research facilities.


Uchenna Academy follows a four-term instructional model, where two courses are studied each term. One term is 10.5 weeks in length, which closely aligns with the traditional University course schedule. This prepares our students for long lectures that are a staple of most university and college programs. In addition, our students do not get overwhelmed with end of year cramming for multiple exams, as they only have 2 exams per term.

At Uchenna Academy, our teachers utilize research-based teaching methods, such as physically active math lessons. For example, our full-time curriculum includes content-specific completion of sporting activities during math classes.


Sports, fitness and wellness are central to Uchenna Academy’s mission. Our partnership with the Ballmatics Centre, a 6000 ft2 recreational facility downtown Toronto, allows Uchenna Academy student athletes to practice their athletic skills during class time, as well as during daily team practices. In addition, Uchenna Academy athletes gain exposure by participating in regional and international tournaments.

Uchenna Academy athletics complements our school’s overall educational philosophy by providing an opportunity for all students to enhance their physical and mental health and collaborate through team play. All Uchenna Academy students are expected to develop a personal regimen of exercise during their time at our school.


Uchenna Academy keeps an open-door policy for all parents and students alike. Our guidance counsellor meets with every student to develop an educational plan that is routinely visited and reviewed.  Our guidance counsellor is also available to discuss any day to day issues, difficulties or challenges that a student may be facing.


Uchenna Academy prepares students for a life in a global world. Components include proficiency in Economics and regular addition of non Euro-centric ways of knowing incorporated in our history, geography, English, mathematics and social studies curriculum. In addition, Uchenna Academy works with strategic corporate partners, including Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (TRI), the world’s largest rehabilitation sciences hospital, where our students work alongside researchers in designing and presenting their assistive device project.