Lessons in Academia

As I am now entering a point in my life where finishing up a year of school comes to me as more of an accomplishment, rather than a relief, I think I’m old enough to look back and truly reflect on years and years of education.

I’m lucky and incredibly grateful to say that on May 16, 2017 (yes I’m documenting this), I finished my last day of Gr.12 by having the sensational experience of writing my last exam.  Now for someone that lives in Canada and attends a Canadian school, this significantly important date would mean that they are completely done and over with high school. For me, it’s the halfway mark of receiving my Cambridge International A level qualifications.

After moving across the world 10 months ago, I have experienced many worlds of differences here, one very importantly being the change of education technique and processing. Over the past school year, I have had both the pleasure and the privilege to learn many classroom and life lessons.

Here they are, as I see them:

  1. One bad test or essay mark does not matter in the long run; it’s about winning the war rather than one battle. There is always room for improvement.
  2. The teacher you have DOES make all the world of difference. Everyone has a unique way of learning and yes that does include a different preference of teaching style.
  3. Different systems work for different individuals; IB (International Baccalaureate) can be ideal for some people, but can also be a total nightmare for others and the same goes for A levels and Advanced Placement (AP).
  4. I cannot stress how IMPORTANT course selection can be. Picking classes that interest you and can greatly benefit your future academic experience and can also impact your stress level when in school which can heavily influence your personal life. *Dropping math was a big relief for me and that can go for many other subjects too.
  5. Having a teacher that you have a close connection with, or that you look up to is more important than you can ever imagine. When you have a teacher that cares, it also means that you have someone who will always provide their help to guide you down your academic path to success.

High school is a character forming experience that will be completely different for everyone regardless of the school you go to, the country that you live in or the system that you experience. But the one thing that you have total control over is the effort that you put in towards your success. Everyone will have the opportunity to learn different skills and lessons during their high school career, but it’s how they learn their lessons that really matters in the long run.

Written by Bianca Bonomolo