Register for 2020-2021

Registrations are open for the 2020-2021 school year! We are accepting registrations from male and female students in grades 9-12. 

We have developed a comprehensive learning platform for student athletes.

The structure of the typical weekday at Uchenna Academy consists of the following:

8am-10am – Period I

10am-12pm – Period II

12pm-1pm – Lunch

1pm-3pm – Period III

3:10pm-4:10pm – Study Hall

4:20-5:50pm – Basketball Practice

What makes Uchenna Academy basketball program unique?

  • ACADEMICS FIRST.  Players’ academic performance is mandatory. We provide academic support for all our student to ensure their academic success. Daily Study Hall lessons with our teachers ensure all students have completed their homework before stepping on the court.
  • INDIVIDUAL PLAYER STATS & VIDEO FOOTAGE. We record every game, keep player stats & take photos. These resources are posted so you see your progress and can be available for your personal portfolio when its time to send your application to University/College coaches.
  • EXPOSURE. Uchenna Academy team is registered in several regional and international tournaments during the year.
  • ACADEMIC CAREER PLANNING. We spend time providing students with information about University and College programs (in Canada and USA). Education is centred around academic and athletic scholarships. Realistic goals are set for each student and benchmarks are put in place to ensure they are on the right track to reach their academic goals.

Fees (for Canadian students only):

  • Tuition Fee: $9700
  • Basketball Prep Program Fee: $2350
  • Please note that subsidies are available to those students that qualify.

Head Coach: Keir Bryan

Coach Keir is a passionate basketball coach driven to foster winning teams through elite skill and performance training.  As a former student-athlete, Coach Keir has been able to use his knowledge of playing basketball at the collegiate level to lead teams under his guidance to the medal round of the Ontario Cup each year he has attended. His teams have earned a Gold or Silver Medal the last three years in a row. As a former scholarship athlete, Keir understands the level of commitment, sacrifice and determination required for today’s aspiring student-athlete to be successful in attaining their goals. Keir’s number one focus is to help the student-athletes in his care achieve their goals by ensuring they understand the right attitude, focus, effort and execution will lead them to success on and off the court.