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Full-time Preparatory Program Summary

Uchenna Academy’s athletic program is designed to offer optimal balance of competitive athletics and daily on-court instruction. Each student-athlete is surrounded by a support team inclusive of passionate teachers, experienced coaches, college placement advisors and more.

Uchenna Academy academic programs offer small classroom environment, an accomplished and dedicated faculty and a wide range of relevant, NCAA approved course offerings. Our student-athletes experience an environment that closely aligns with the expectations, schedule and intensity of a collegiate program.

Our 2023-2024 Basketball Athletic Program is open to male and female student-athletes in grades 7 to 12.

Benefits of attending Uchenna Academy:

  • A University admissions process with our guidance department and coaching staff working together and with every student-athlete
  • NCCP and NCAA certified basketball coaching
  • Newly renovated indoor facilities including two courts and a workout area
  • Small class size (up to 10 student-athletes per class)
  • Advanced Placement (AP®) courses
  • French certificate program
  • Athletic Performance Training from our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists
  • SAT Prep included in the tuition fees
  • Athletic Therapist at all home games and available for injury prevention and treatment
  • We are an official SAT Test Centre
  • Exposure to NCAA, USPORTS, CCAA, JUCO, NAIA coaches and recruiting services.

Uchenna Academy’s quadmester model allows our student-athletes to focus their study on two courses for 11 weeks, creating the opportunity for in-depth learning and discovery.


The structure of a typical day for Uchenna Academy’s Basketball Prep School in Toronto is as follows:

6:30am-8:00am – Morning Practice (Optional)

8:00am-10:45am – Period I

10:55am-1:15pm – Period II

1:15pm-1:45pm – Lunch Break

1:45pm-4:45pm – Daily Practice

4:45pm-6:00pm – Open Gym (Optional)

What makes Uchenna Academy’s Basketball Prep School in Toronto unique?

  • ACADEMICS FIRST. We have a full curriculum of NCAA certified courses and each student-athlete must maintain an optimal GPA to meet the academic performance requirements to compete in our program. We provide academic support for all our student-athletes to ensure their academic success.
    Our academic curriculum is tailored to adjust to tournament and travel schedules so students will never miss a class of instruction. We are also an official SAT Test Centre, and we offer AP® curriculum in select subjects. Students are also able to receive a French language certificate upon graduating from Uchenna Academy. All students attending Uchenna Academy have a minimum course load of four (4) courses per school year (including Post-Graduate players).
  • INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE PLANS (IPP). Our focus is having every student-athlete realize their full potential. Therefore, a significant portion of our on-court time is dedicated to IPP practices.
    Every student-athlete undergoes periodic athletic testing throughout the year, starting with a baseline test we track improvement in agility, speed, body measurements, strength, endurance, shooting, passing, finishing, etc.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE BASKETBALL TRAINING. Our Basketball Prep School Program on-court training centers around IPP practices and team development training is lead by our NCCP and NCAA certified coaches.
    This systematically planned daily training approach yields outstanding results maximizing the growth potential of our student-athletes.
  • ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE TRAINING. Our Basketball Prep School Program prioritizes quality athletic performance training, sports medicine education and care for our athletes. Each 3 hours of daily training is divided into athletic performance training based on IPPs.
  • ELITE COMPETITION. Uchenna Academy’s Basketball Prep School team will compete in several prep circuits, showcases and/or tournaments during the year.
  • We host national scouts and University coaches at our school, during practices and home games.
  • For our International team, approximately 50% of our games are played in the United States, providing maximum exposure to University and College coaches as well as national scouting services.
  • All our games are recorded, so every student-athlete has an abundance of film to enhance their recruitment portfolio. Film is used as an additional teaching tool. You will not find a more comprehensive Basketball Prep School in Toronto.
  • ACADEMIC CAREER PLANNING. We spend time providing students with information about University and College programs (in Canada and USA). Education is centred around academic and athletic scholarships. Realistic goals are set for each student and benchmarks are put in place to ensure they are on the right track to reach their academic goals.