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Uchenna Academy Basketball Prep School in Toronto

Uchenna Academy Basketball Prep School in Toronto

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Basketball Prep School Program Summary.

Uchenna Academy’s Basketball Prep School in Toronto, Ontario is centred around a holistic student-athletes development model.

Paired with our unwavering commitment to academic excellence through sport, we have created a fun, highly competitive, winning environment designed to nurture the development of global basketball players capable of success at the next level.

Working within the framework of Canada Basketball‘s Gold Medal Model, our principles for student-athlete development will allow student-athletes enrolled in our program to be prepared to compete at a national level.

Our Basketball Prep School program is open to identified high-performance student-athletes in grade 9 to 12.

Our Basketball Prep School program is comprised of these components:

  • Athletic Performance and Health
  • Social Emotional Development
  • Mental Development
  • Basketball Specific Skill Development

Through these four pillars, our mission is to provide an environment that offers professional instruction to high-performance athletes. Athletes who have an undying passion for basketball and aim to take their passion for the sport to the next level.

This season we are offering ten (10) students the opportunity to learn, train and compete on an elite level.

Benefits of attending Uchenna Academy:

  • NCCP and NCAA certified basketball coaching
  • Beautiful indoor facilities
  • Small class size (up to 10 student-athletes per class)
  • Advanced Placement (AP®) courses
  • Exposure to NCAA, USPORTS, CCAA, JUCO, NAIA coaches and recruiting services.
  • French certificate program
  • Athletic Performance Training from our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists
  • SAT Prep included in the tuition fees.
  • Athletic Therapist at all games and available for injury prevention and treatment
  • We are an official SAT Test Centre

Uchenna Academy’s quadmester model allows our student-athletes to focus their study on two courses for 11 weeks, creating the opportunity for in-depth learning and discovery.


The structure of a typical day for Uchenna Academy’s Basketball Prep School in Toronto is as follows:

8:00am-10:00am – Period I

10:05am-10:25am – Snack Break

10:30am-12:30pm – Period II

12:35pm-1:05pm – Lunch Break

1:05pm-2:05pm – Performance Training

2:05pm-4:05pm – Basketball Practice

4:05pm-5:00pm – Open Gym Time (Optional)

What makes Uchenna Academy’s Basketball Prep School in Toronto unique?

  • ACADEMICS FIRST. We have a full curriculum of NCAA certified courses and each student-athlete must maintain an optimal GPA to meet the academic performance requirements to compete in our program. We provide academic support for all our student-athletes to ensure their academic success.
    Our academic curriculum is tailored to adjust to tournament and travel schedules so students will never miss a class of instruction. We are also an official SAT Test Centre, and we offer AP® curriculum in select subjects. Students are also able to receive a French language certificate upon graduating from Uchenna Academy.
  • INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE PLANS. Our focus is having every student-athlete realise their full potential. Therefore, a significant portion of our on-court time is dedicated to IPP practices.
    Every student-athlete undergoes periodic athletic testing throughout the year, starting with a baseline test we track improvement in agility, speed, body measurements, strength, endurance, shooting, passing, finishing, etc.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE BASKETBALL TRAINING. Our Basketball Prep School Program on-court training centers around IPP practices and team development training is lead by our NCCP and NCAA certified coaches.
    This systematically planned daily training approach yields outstanding results maximizing the growth potential of our student-athletes.
  • ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE TRAINING. Our Basketball Prep School Program prioritizes quality athletic performance training, sports medicine education and care for our athletes. Each 3 hour of daily training is divided into athletic performance training based on IPPs.
  • ELITE COMPETITION. Uchenna Academy’s Basketball Prep School team will compete in several regional and international prep circuits, showcases and/or tournaments during the year.
    At least 50% of our games schedule will be at showcase events in the United States providing maximum exposure to University and College coaches as well as national scouting services.
    We also record all games and practices, so every student-athlete has an abundance of film to enhance their recruitment portfolio. Film is used as an additional teaching tool. You will not find a more comprehensive Basketball Prep School in Toronto.
  • ACADEMIC CAREER PLANNING. We spend time providing students with information about University and College programs (in Canada and USA). Education is centred around academic and athletic scholarships. Realistic goals are set for each student and benchmarks are put in place to ensure they are on the right track to reach their academic goals.

Fees (for Canadian students only):

  • Basketball Prep School Program (grades 9-12): $17,000*
  • Please note: Scholarships are available based on scholastic and athletic merit. Limited Bursaries are available to those student-athletes that qualify.
  • *Travel fees are not included in tuition fees.


To register your student-athlete to be considered for our Basketball Prep School in Toronto please filling in the form below, submit and pay the registration fee.

Upon receipt of your completed registration information and payment, we will contact you to confirm your student-athletes in-person ID session date.

This in person private or semi-private basketball workout not only gives prospective student-athletes and opportunities to showcase their skill and athletic repertoire to our coaches in a individual or group setting but allows them to gaining a snapshot of what daily workouts will be like at Uchenna Academy.

The in-person ID session cost will be credited to your student-athletes tuition upon acceptance.



Head Coach: Keir Bryan

Head Coach & Athletic Director Keir Bryan

Coach Keir is a passionate basketball coach driven to foster winning teams through elite skill and performance training.  As a former student-athlete, Coach Keir has been able to use his knowledge of playing basketball at the collegiate level to lead teams under his guidance to the medal round of the Ontario Cup each year he has attended. His teams have earned a Gold or Silver Medal the last three years in a row. As a former scholarship athlete, Keir understands the level of commitment, sacrifice and determination required for today’s aspiring student-athlete to be successful in attaining their goals. Keir’s number one focus is to help the student-athletes in his care achieve their goals by ensuring they understand the right attitude, focus, effort and execution will lead them to success on and off the court.