Uchenna Select | Senior Boys basketball team

The senior (grade 11) boys basketball team, Uchenna Select, will compete in the CYBL tournament during the 2017-18 school year.  Our pursuit of gaining athletic and sportsmanship recognition will begin in November 2017 when our team face their first challenge, the George Vanier senior boys tournament!

Team Formation

Team is formed through a traditional tryout process.  In order to try out, players must be enrolled in one or more courses at Uchenna Academy.

All players must participate in weekly tutoring sessions with our academic coaches in order to remain in good standing.

Training Schedule

Practices are help Wednesdays and Friday evenings.  In addition, there is an optional run Saturdays 2-4:30pm with QSLA adult league members.

Basketball & Math | Research Study at UofT

Can playing sports improve your grades?

Uchenna Academy staff will be conducting an evidence-based research study over the next 2 years to see if our Ballmatics (math & basketball) program offers quantifiable academic benefits for students.

How is a Ballmatics program different? Math is added to every basketball practice!

Here is what each practice looks like:

  • 10 min. dynamic warmup
  • 5 min. math huddle
  • 30 min. skill building session – round robin style & small groups
  • 30 min. basketball & math activity with individual worksheets (small groups of 2-4 students)
  • 30 min. basketball game with stats, player & team rankings, highlight videos, trophy & prizes for the winning team

Each student builds his/hers math booklet during the season which must be completed. The booklet reinforces math topics we complete during each practice.

Who can join?

Students in grades 6 to 9 are invited to join our Ballmatics program. Send us an email to Claudia.m@uchenna.ca to learn more about upcoming study sessions!